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Complete Quantum Therapy Fork Travel Set

Complete Quantum Therapy Fork Travel Set

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This professional therapy standard Solfeggio scale weighted tuning fork travel set is made of high-quality aluminium alloy material with corrosion resistant quality, longer sound and precise frequency. The weighted Chakra forks provide stability of use and resonance up to 25 seconds per strike. The set includes a rolling protective case, making it a perfect size to include in a suitcase or kit bag.

 A weighted tuning fork has a small weight attached to one of its prongs, which affects the vibration and sound produced. The weight alters the oscillation pattern and changes the frequency at which the tuning fork vibrates. This results in a lower pitch and longer sustain compared to a non-weighted tuning fork. The added weight can also amplify the  vibrations, making the sound more pronounced and easier to hear.

Weighted tuning forks are often used in sound therapy, healing practices, and scientific experiments, where the lower pitch and longer sustain are desirable. Non-weighted tuning forks are widely used in music, for tuning instruments and creating harmonies.


  • 8 tuning forks:
  • 126.22 Hz,
  • 136.1 Hz,
  • 141.27 Hz,
  • 172.06 Hz,
  • 194.18 Hz,
  • 210.42 Hz,
  • 221.23Hz,
  • 272.2Hz.
  • Striking mallet
  • Soft cloth rolling dust protector


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