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Digital Food and Water Testers - Greentest for Fruit /Vegetable/Meat/Fish/TDS Water Hardness/Radiation

Digital Food and Water Testers - Greentest for Fruit /Vegetable/Meat/Fish/TDS Water Hardness/Radiation

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Introducing our revolutionary Digital Greentest Analyzers, designed to check the nitrate content in a wide range of foods and analyze the quality of water with precision and efficiency. Here's why our Digital Analyzers stand out:

Product Description:
Our Digital Analyzers are equipped to assess the nitrate content in fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish, along with total dissolved solids (TDS value) and water hardness in select models. Not only can they swiftly and accurately determine the safety of over 60 common foods, but they also evaluate the quality of drinking water. The latest version features a capacitive screen for enhanced touch sensitivity, a high-resolution color display, and an intuitive software interface. With the addition of a Bluetooth module, you can conveniently connect to the mobile app for data storage and sharing. Plus, the timer function helps you keep track of cooking times.

Product Features:
- Lightweight and compact design for easy portability.
- Capacitive screen for heightened sensitivity and a vibrant display.
- Speedy and precise results in just 3 seconds, with an error margin of less than 10%.
- Advanced dual detection probe for increased accuracy and reliability.
- Radiation detector with a Geiger-Müller tube for precise measurements.
- Long-lasting USB rechargeable lithium-ion 720mAh battery offering up to 20 hours of usage.
- Excellent after-sales service and warranty for your peace of mind.
- Mobile app connectivity for specialized Android/iOS apps.
- Convenient timer function for precise cooking control.

Why It Matters:
In today's world, the presence of residues and agricultural fertilizers in food items can lead to elevated nitrate levels, posing health risks. Excessive nitrate accumulation in vegetables due to soil contamination is a serious concern. Additionally, tap water may contain heavy metals that persist even after boiling. Our Digital Analyzers are designed to accurately measure nitrate ion concentrations in fruits and vegetables, providing crucial data to ensure food safety. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, our analyzers calculate and convert average content units (mg/kg) based on varied food types.

Enhance your food safety practices and water quality assessment with our state-of-the-art Digital Analyzers. Experience precision, reliability, and convenience in one innovative device.

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