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Quantum Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramid

Quantum Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramid

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Step into the realm of transcendent sound with our Quantum Crystal Resornance Triangles. Offering you a choice of notes and frequencies, and the option to purchase either with, or without a storage bag, you can start your own collection!

Crafted from the purest 99.99% quartz crystal, these exquisite pyramids are more than musical instruments – they are keys to unlocking profound states of meditation and energy balance.

Each crystal pyramid undergoes a meticulous manufacturing process, involving the heating of crushed quartz to 1800 degrees. The result is unparalleled purity and precision in sound. These pyramids are not just instruments; they are gateways to the sacred notes associated with the Seven Chakras.  

Designed for practitioners and enthusiasts alike, each of  the Crystal Singing Pyramids hold the power to harmonize the mind and body. The resonant tones generated by these pyramids are not just auditory delights – they serve as conduits for achieving deep meditative states. Let the pure vibrations wash over you, clarifying the mind and paving the way for profound inner balance. Each pyramid in the set is meticulously tuned to a specific musical note, corresponding to the Seven Chakras of the Human System. This intentional alignment allows for targeted energy work, creating a holistic experience that addresses the subtle energy centres within the body.

Beyond their musical capabilities, these crystal singing pyramids naturally possess the ability to energize, clear, and enhance the energy in any environment. Create sacred spaces for healing sessions, meditation, or personal introspection, and let the pure resonance of crystal quartz elevate the vibrations around you.

Transform your sound healing practice with a Quantum Crystal Resonance Triangle. Embrace the healing power of pure quartz crystal and embark on a journey of sonic serenity and energetic alignment. Curate your collection, your way!

To use a crystal resonance quartz singing triangle, follow these steps:

1. Hold the singing triangle by its handle or base firmly with one hand.
2. Use the other hand to gently tap the triangle's edge with a mallet or striker.
3. As you strike the triangle, allow it to vibrate and produce a clear, resonant sound.
4. Experiment with the intensity of the strike to create different tones and volumes.
5. To enhance the sound, you can hold the triangle close to your ear or place it on a soft surface.
6. Explore the different vibrations and harmonics produced by the triangle by striking it at different points along the edge.
7. You can also try running the mallet along the edge of the triangle to create a continuous sound.
8. As the sound resonates, focus your attention on the vibrations and allow them to envelop you, creating a meditative and calming experience.
9. The crystal resonance of the quartz singing triangle can be used for various purposes, including sound healing, meditation, relaxation, and enhancing the energy of a space.
10. After each use, gently clean the triangle with a soft cloth to remove any dust or debris, and store it in a safe place to protect it from damage.

Remember to approach the crystal resonance quartz singing triangle with an open mind and a sense of curiosity, allowing its vibrations to guide you on a transformative journey.

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