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Crystal Healer Level 1

Crystal Healer Level 1

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Whether you are looking to learn how to incorporate crystals into your personal spiritual wellness practice, or looking to take the first step in developing your own crystal healing professional practice, This fun. interactive online experience of Understanding Crystal Healing is your firm foundation! 

Embark on an enlightening journey with our dynamic online course, introducing you to the fascinating world of crystal healing. This fun and interactive program, hosted on the mobile friendly EdApp learning platform, covers a spectrum of key concepts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of crystal healing practices. Delve into topics such as the fundamentals of crystal healing, the significance of crystal selection, and the intricate relationship between crystal colours and chakras.

Explore the diverse shapes and forms of crystals and their applications in healing sessions. Learn about energetic cleansing and charging techniques, ethical considerations in crystal shopping, and the importance of maintaining and caring for your crystals. Our course also delves into professional development in crystal healing, providing you with practical skills and confidence in your practice.

Join us on this engaging learning adventure and unlock the transformative power of crystal healing!

1. Introduction to Crystal Healing
  • What is Crystal Healing?
  • Benefits of Crystal Healing
  • The importance of Crystal selection
  • Energy and Vibrations in crystals
2. Understanding the Power of Crystals
  • Properties of Crystals
  • Metaphysical properties
  • Interpreting crystal properties
  • Applying crystal properties in healing
3. Understanding Crystal Correspondences and Associations
  • Understanding Crystal Correspondences and Associations
  • What are crystal correspondences and associations?
  • Crystals for emotional healing, stress reduction, and relaxation
  • Selecting crystals for physical ailments, pain management, and energy balancing.
4. Understanding Crystal Shapes and Forms
  • Points
  • Spheres
  • Clusters
  • Geodes
  • Druzy
  • Raw crystals
  • Applying crystal shapes and forms in healing session
5. Understanding the Relationship between Crystal Colours and Chakras
  • What are Chakras?
  • Crystal colours and their significance
  • Healing properties of crystals
  • Selecting crystals for targeted healing
6. Understanding Energetic Cleansing and Charging Techniques
  • Understanding Energetic Cleansing and Charging Techniques
  • Energetic cleansing methods
  • Intentional charging techniques
  • Personal cleansing and charging techniques 
7. Understanding Crystal Shopping and Authenticity
  • Understanding the importance of ethical trading relating to crystal healing
  • Identifying reputable sources for purchasing crystals
  • Learning how to spot authentic crystals and avoid imitations
  • Exploring ethical considerations in the crystal industry
8. Understanding Connection to Crystals
  • Developing a deeper connection with crystals
  • The power of intuition in crystal connection
  • techniques to connect with crystals
  • Trusting intuitive guidance in crystal selection
9. Understanding Crystal Grids
  • Harnessing the power of crystals for healing
  • Understanding the principles and benefits of crystal grids and layouts
  • Exploring different grid formations and layouts if specific healing intentions
  • Practicing the creation and activation of crystal grids and layouts
10. Understanding Crystal Care
  • Keeping your crystals energized and effective
  • Why crystal maintenance is important
  • Cleaning and storing crystals
  • Programming and intention setting with crystals
  • Developing a crystal maintenance routine
11. Understanding Professional Development in Crystal Healing
  • Analysing and applying case studies
  • Practising crystal selection techniques
  • Receiving feedback
  • Building confidence
  • Developing proficiency
12. Summary and Conclusion

13. Reflective Assignment to receive a certificate of completion

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