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Crystal Hexagon Standing Point Towers 7-8cm

Crystal Hexagon Standing Point Towers 7-8cm

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These small towers are of a precision polished quality, perfectly formed for energy direction. Crafted from 100% pure gemstone, they are around 70-80 mm tall,18-22 mm wide, and weigh 40-50g (although size may vary slightly due to the fact that stone is completely natural, and density varies from piece to piece).

What sets these apart from cheaper versions?

Although our supplier is committed to ethical sourcing, and we take great care during the packing process to ensure they packed within a positive vibrational environment, we don't believe this is enough to bring you the most energetically vibrant crystals! We go the extra mile!

During storage with us, they are regularly exposed to Schumman Frequency and Sound Cleansing to clear and charge them, and each piece is cleansed by ourselves during the packing process meaning the last thing it experience is incense smoke, positive energy and our love and blessings for our customers. You may even catch this process happening live on social media for our customers to see! Yes, this takes much time and effort on our part, but appreciating these as instruments for crystal healers and therapists, we put every effort into bringing you clear and powerful stones that are ready to "rock" your world!

Each item is different and has it's own visual personality and colours and patterns will vary per piece. This is due to the natural material they are made from. Images are a representation only. One supplied.

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