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Essential Oils: Getting Started - Understanding the Principles of Use

Essential Oils: Getting Started - Understanding the Principles of Use

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Are you tired of sifting through countless online sales pitches and scrolling through unreliable information about essential oils? Look no further! This comprehensive course is here to provide you with definitive guidance on how to get started in the safe and effective use of essential oils at home.

We understand that navigating the world of essential oils can be overwhelming. With so many conflicting opinions and misleading claims, it's crucial to have access to accurate and trustworthy information. That's why our course is meticulously curated, drawing solely from professional resources. You can rest assured that the knowledge you gain is backed by experts in the field.

This is not your typical online course. It goes beyond a static learning experience and offers an interactive journey that will truly empower you. Through engaging modules, quizzes and practical questions, you'll develop a deep understanding of fundamental principles of essential oils and their various applications. Take control of your well-being and wall confidently into  the true potential of essential oils in your life.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. Introduction to Essential Oils
  2. Understanding the Chemical Composition of Essential Oils
  3. Understanding the ADME and Mechanisms of Action
  4. Understanding how substances enter the body
  5. Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, and CAM Practices
  6. Oils for The Body
  7. Oils for The Mind
  8. Oils for The Spirit
  9. Understanding Guidelines and Precautions
  10. Versatile Oils: Lemon
  11. Versatile Oils: Tea Tree
  12. Versatile Oils: Lavender
  13. Versatile Oils: Bergamot
  14. Versatile Oils: Patchouli
  15. Versatile Oils: Clary Sage
  16. Versatile Oils: Oregano
  17. Versatile Oils: Rosemary
  18. Versatile Oils: Peppermint
  19. Versatile Oils: Cedarwood
  20. Versatile Oils: Frankincense
  21. Versatile Oils: Geranium
  22. Versatile Oils: Grapefruit
  23. Versatile Oils: Lemongrass
  24. Versatile Oils: Sandalwood
  25. Versatile Oils: Thyme
  26. Versatile Oils: Eucalyptus
  27. The Many Faces of Ylang Ylang
  28. Safe Use Pets
  29. Safe Use: Babies
  30. Safe Use: Medications
  31. Safe Use: Health Conditions
  32. Introduction to Creating with Essential Oils

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