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Extra Large Octave Doubling Windchime

Extra Large Octave Doubling Windchime

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Experience the extraordinary musical innovation of the Extra Large Wind Chime featuring the captivating "octave doubling" feature. Each note in this chime resonates again one octave higher than the main scale, creating a unique and beautiful harmonization. This ingenious design expands the chime's range, enriches the harmonic content, and enhances the overall beauty of the sound it produces.

Handcrafted with precision and care, this chime is designed for superior musical performance. It is meticulously hand-tuned to a universal, pentatonic (five-note) scale, ensuring a harmonious blend of tones that work in harmony with the wind to create enchanting and random patterns of delightful sound. The chime harmonizes seamlessly with many other windchimes, offering a symphony of musical bliss.

Crafted from bubinga finish wood and featuring eleven silver aluminium tubes, this wind chime is a visual and auditory delight. Measuring approximately 1 meter from the hanging loop to the windcatcher at the bottom, it commands attention with its elegant design and mesmerizing sounds. Immerse yourself in the magical world of harmonious melodies with the Extra Large  Octave Doubling Wind Chime and let its enchanting tones elevate your space to new heights of tranquility and beauty.

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