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Genuine Sodalite Musically Tuned Windchime

Genuine Sodalite Musically Tuned Windchime

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Introducing the Sodalite Wind Chime from, a harmonious blend of aesthetics and sound. Crafted with precision and care, this wind chime features genuine sodalite stones that exude elegance and charm. The hardwood frame, finished in a rich dark wood tone, adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

The heavy-duty coated nylon strings ensure durability, while the special aluminium alloy tubes guarantee rust-free enjoyment for years to come. Designed for superior musical performance, this wind chime delights both the eyes and the ears with its melodious tones.

Sodalite, known for its properties of openness, wisdom, and truth, adds a meaningful touch to this enchanting chime. Packaged in a beautiful box, it makes a perfect gift for any occasion. Hang it proudly at approximately 30cm long and let the soothing sounds of the Sodalite Wind Chime elevate your surroundings.

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