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Not Simply 7: Chakra Theories - Exploring the Cultural Kaleidoscope

Not Simply 7: Chakra Theories - Exploring the Cultural Kaleidoscope

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Unlock the Mysteries of the rich tapestry of cultural beliefs and traditions surrounding the chakra system in this interactive and enlightening course, hosted on the user-friendly EdApp platform.

Embark on a fascinating journey as we traverse diverse cultural perspectives on the chakra system, including the Western Occult 7 Chakras, the 12 Chakra Transpersonal System, and the intricate nuances of the Traditional Chinese Medicine 3. Explore lesser-known systems such as the Japanese 3 Tanden and the Ayurvedic 107 Marma Points, uncovering ancient wisdom and profound insights along the way.

With engaging lessons on the Tibetan Buddhist 4, the Jewish Kabbalistic 10 Sefirot, and the Sufi 6 Lataif-e-Sitta, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit across cultures. Learn to navigate the complexities of choosing the right system for your personal journey towards balance and harmony.

Join us in "Not Simply 7" and expand your awareness of the cultural kaleidoscope of chakra system theories!
You will learn:
  • The Western Occult 7
  • The 12 Chakra Transpersonal System
  • Expanding the Traditional Chakra System
  • 5 Chakra Tantra System
  • The Tibetan Buddhist 4
  • The Jewish Kabbalistic 10 Sefirot
  • The Traditional Chinese Medicine 3
  • The Ancient Egyptian 5
  • The Kundalini 12
  • The Japanese 3 Tanden
  • The Ayurveduc 107 Marma Points
  • The Sufi 6 Lataif-e-Sitta
  • The Tibetan Buddhist 5
  • The Five Wisdom Buddhas and Poisons
  • The Tibetan Buddhist 6
  • The Tibetan Bön 5
  • Choosing your System
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