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Quantum Cosmic Pro Quartz Glass Crystal Singing Fork

Quantum Cosmic Pro Quartz Glass Crystal Singing Fork

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These quartz glass forks are made to professional standard  and come in a choice of seven tuned notes, and each in either 440Hz or 432Hz .They are supplied with a beautiful Quantum purple protective case and striker also. 

Crystal tuning forks are made from quartz crystal and a small amount of strengthening glass, and produce a clear and pure tone that is believed to have a more harmonising and balancing effect on the body and energy field. The vibration of quartz crystal is known for its ability to resonate with the body's natural frequencies and promote energetic alignment. (Metal tuning forks, on the other hand, produce a  sound that can be more penetrating to stimulate specific acupressure points, chakras, or energy centres).

Crystal tuning forks are often associated with the healing properties of quartz and are known to have a longer sustain and resonance than metal tuning forks. The longer sustain allows the sound to linger and continue vibrating, which can be beneficial for generalised energy healing purposes and sound baths. 

Both crystal and metal tuning forks have their unique qualities and can be used effectively in sound healing and therapy. Choosing between them depends on personal preference, the specific intention of the healing session, and the desired effects on the body, mind, and energy field. It is also common for practitioners to use a combination of both types of tuning forks for a comprehensive and balanced healing experience.

The difference between instruments tuned at 440Hz or 432Hz lies in the reference pitch or frequency at which they are tuned.:

440Hz (A440Hz) is the standard tuning used in most Western music today. It means that the note A above middle C is tuned to vibrate at a frequency of 440 cycles per second. This standard was internationally adopted in the 20th century and is commonly used in orchestras, bands, and modern music production. A440Hz tuning is known for its bright and vibrant sound, which is often associated with energy and excitement

432Hz: (A432Hz) is an alternative tuning that has gained popularity in recent years. It refers to the note A above middle C being tuned to vibrate at a frequency of 432 cycles per second. This tuning is believed to have a more natural and harmonious sound. Some proponents of A432Hz tuning claim that it is in harmony with the vibrations of nature and the universe, and that it has a calming and soothing effect on the listener. It is also argued that A432Hz is mathematically related to various natural phenomena, such as the movement of celestial bodies and the structure of DNA.

It's important to note that the debate between A440Hz and A432Hz is a matter of personal preference and philosophical beliefs rather than a universally accepted scientific fact. While some musicians and listeners prefer the perceived benefits of A432Hz, others find A440Hz to be more suitable for their musical needs. Ultimately, the choice of tuning frequency depends on the desired sound and the context in which the instrument will be used.

    These incredible instruments will be shipped to you directly from the factory where they are made, by a world renowned professional crystal instrument maker in Jinzhou City, the home of Quartz Glass. Established in 1995 by a team of senior engineers experienced in the processing of quartz glass, the factory has rich technical force, employs 53 technicians, and utilises first-class equipment. Having implemented a digital management system that extends to all production processes, they use inspection and tuning instruments that lead the quartz glass industry. 

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