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SchumannFlex - Adjustable Resonance Generator

SchumannFlex - Adjustable Resonance Generator

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Introducing the SchumannFlex, a revolutionary device that transcends the capabilities of frequency apps by optimizing your surrounding environment to promote holistic well-being.

The SchumannFlex is designed to create a harmonious space, inducing a prime energetic state in both body and mind. Firstly, by emitting the 7.83Hz Schumann frequency, it is grounding, enhances your perception, fostering improved health, heightened awareness, and the potential for increased work efficiency. Experience a serene atmosphere and bid farewell to psychological pressure with the SchumannFlex.

The SchumannFlex goes further still! With programmable frequency technology, you can fine-tune frequencies within the impressive range of 0.001Hz to 200KHz. Whether you seek deep relaxation or heightened focus, the SchumannFlex adapts to your needs with precision, exceptional quality materials, and superior frequency stability for optimal performance.

The SchumannFlex prioritizes convenience with its user-friendly design, while compatibility with USB power sources adds versatility. Whether plugged into power banks, USB charging heads, or other USB power supply equipment, the SchumannFlex seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle.

Experience the transformative power of the SchumannFlex and enjoy new atmospheric energies of tranquillity and productivity. Generate custom frequencies for healing, focus, meditation, chakra work, and higher states of consciousness. With pure Sine Wave frequencies between 0.1 - 10,000Hz, the SchumannFlex delivers more powerful results than anything generated from phones or apps. Embrace the possibilities with the SchumannFlex and unlock your full potential.


How to Use:
- Plug in the provided USB power cable (into a socket, laptop or power bank)
- Connect your earphones/headphones or connect an AUX cable to a speaker
- Type in the desired frequency (using the touch pad)
- Press "Ok".

If you don't use earphones/speaker, the device will generate a PEMF of the inputted frequency (no sound), which has a radius of roughly 1.5 meters. If you use earphones/speaker, the device generates a sound output of the inputted frequency, the radius will be the whole room and beyond.

NOTE: Some frequencies may round up or down after you press okay. This is to offset static and is normal. If this happens, the frequency you typed in will be generated, not the rounded number shown.
WARNING: The frequencies are very powerful, DO NOT listen to a frequency for more than 20mins at a time, but you can use it multiple times per day. DO NOT listen at high volume. This does not apply when using without sound. 

Circuit board size: 150 * 150mm / 5.9 * 5.9in
Antenna Waveform: sinewave
Interface waveform: sinewave + squarewave + inverted squarewave
Power Supply interface: DC5.5*2.1
Voltage: 5V
Rated power consumption: <1W
Default frequency: 7.83Hz
Adjustment range: 0.001Hz-200KHz
Sine Signal voltage amplitude: 3V
Square Wave signal voltage amplitude: 5V
Package size: 160 * 160 * 40mm / 6.3 * 6.3 * 1.6in
Package weight: 200g / 7.1ounce 


Solfeggio Frequencies - Traditional Frequency Healing Uses:

174 hz -reducing physical and energetic pain
285 hz - healing and  rejuvenating tissues
396 hz - releasing guilt, grief, or fear
417 hz - restoring well-being and releasing emotional blockages
528 hz -love frequency - inducing inner peace and repairing DNA
639 hz - balancing and enhancing communication and understanding
741 hz - promoting self-expression and problem solving
852 hz - raising awareness and awakening intuition
963 hz - connecting with oneness and raising vibration


Brainwave States

Delta - 0.1 HZ - 4 HZ - Deep Sleep & Healing
Theta - 4 HZ - 7.5 HZ - Vivid Dreams & Flow State
Alpha - 8 HZ - 13 HZ - Relaxation & Creativity
Beta - 13 HZ - 30 HZ - Alertness & Problem Solving
Gamma - 30 HZ & ABOVE - Insight & Cognitive Thinking


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