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SchumannQ Stable Pulse Chip Generator

SchumannQ Stable Pulse Chip Generator

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Introducing the SchumannQ Stable Pulse Chip Generator, designed to bring the soothing benefits of Schumann Resonances into your home or office space with ease and portability. Crafted with precision and stability in mind, this generator features a highly stable pulse chip, precision calibration capacitors, and adjustable resistors to ensure accuracy in generating Schumann waves. 

Experience relaxation like never before as the 7.83Hz pulse generator promotes calmness, improves perception of sound and images, and reduces stress on both body and mind. Perfect for those seeking stress relief and increased work efficiency, this generator is an essential tool for modern living.

With its user-friendly design and C-type interface, the Schumann Wave Generator is easy to use and boasts high accuracy and stability. Simply plug in the universal mobile phone power cord to power it on, and enjoy the benefits of Schumann waves without any adjustment operation.

Measuring at 8.2X10.0 cm, this generator is compact yet powerful, making it a perfect gift for friends and family members struggling with insomnia or high stress levels.

- Origin: Mainland China
- Model Number: Schumann Wave Generator
- Spiral disc diameter: 82mm/ 3.22 inch
- Power supply: Type-C interface
- Resonant frequency: 7.83Hz (adjustable around 10Hz)
- Working mode: 7.83Hz extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves

Usage Instructions:
Simply plug the Type-C interface into a universal mobile phone power cord to power on the generator. Once the indicator light is on, it's ready to use without any adjustment operation. For optimal placement, place the generator horizontally or vertically on a tabletop about 1 meter high and 1 meter away from yourself. Each Schumann wave generator is suitable for a space range of about 10 square meters. Please note that this instrument does not have a battery and cannot be charged; it can be connected to a USB phone charger without current limit for continuous use.

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